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To Blog or Not to Blog

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I already struggle with my desire to blog and I have only posted once! I love to write and know that I would like to be heard in a few areas passionate to me but wonder if this is the way to go. Obviously, there is a great time needed to maintain a blog not to mention the details that go into making this my “domain” (if anyone has any wise thoughts about this please share.) With three children I home-school and one young adult son still at home, a husband (at the time) that travels, and a part-time job advising at the local college, just to name a few things I do, I find myself questioning if blogging is for me. After all, I talk all day, if not to my children, to students!

So in effort to show some stamina and perseverance I decided to post this…I have read other blogs and been reminded that it takes time and has to evolve…being a blogger that is…then a few questions come to mind: what makes an “evolved” blogger? How do you capture your audience? and that question mostly bothers me as I don’t want to sound so intelligent or interesting to insist or impose on an audience but if not what is the point of blogging!

It seems fitting to close here, since, as we speak, there are 5 children running up and down the stairs playing some game called Casablanca!

7 responses to “To Blog or Not to Blog”

  1. Susan Avatar

    🙂 Thank you! As mom of the blogger, I am amazed and proud of your talents! I have a huge grin on my face because I SO love to read what you have to say…not only because you are my daughter but because you are so easy to follow and so very entertaining…along with the ability to put it all together! As you can see…I just ramble. Please keep blogging… I don’t much about blogging accept for what I saw on Julia & juliette the movie…my question is – are my comments for all to see or just the blogger?


    1. The Harried Hamptons Avatar
      The Harried Hamptons

      Thank you Mom for the encouragement! Yes your comments are for all to see unless you would like for me to change that! 🙂


  2. Lisa Avatar

    I say blog. Can hardly wait to rea the next one.


    1. The Harried Hamptons Avatar
      The Harried Hamptons

      Thanks girl! I am getting more motivated each day! And as another commented, I do agree, there are days when I am inspired and I start typing and others not so much!


  3. Jocelyn Avatar

    Do it for yourself….. and for God, and as for as long as you enjoy doing it. You are a good writer and I find your words intertaining and inspiring. I admire your energy and devotion to God and your family. As long as this activity is rewarding and encourages you along your journey, in some tangible or subtle way, do it, by all means.


  4. theblackjosh Avatar

    As a slowly developed and now slowed down blogger myself, I say, blog on at your pace. Sometimes, you will have time. Sometimes, you will have inspiration. Even more rarely, you will have both. =D That is when you should write, and you will be amazed by it.

    God bless you!


  5. theblackjosh Avatar

    As a slowly-developed-and-now-slowed-to-a-halt blogger myself, I say, keep going. Sometimes, you will have time. Sometimes, you will have inspiration. Even more rarely, you will have both, and that will be your time to shine.

    The stories on my blog come from years of inspiration, but they were written when I finally had time. (I have other blogs, too, but they lie dormant these days.) The Lord will guide you, and I look forward to His good work in you.

    God bless you and your family!

    Joshua S Black


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