Explore my passion projects and work using as a life coach and learning designer at this link.

My Book in a Blog is the real and raw of my life experiences. From adoption to moving to Jamaica, this blog is jam-packed with various topics, like an unimaginable dichotomy.

What questions are you asking when you find yourself in the dark night of your soul without an anchor?

2 responses to “With or Without an Anchor?”

  1. The Superhero girl-Loretta Avatar
    The Superhero girl-Loretta

    Greetings My Friend!

    I’m so excited to see you taking on this project! I see a book coming! Looking forward to the sharing and laughter to come!

    Love you guys much. Kiss all the little people for me. (that’s Xavier too, LOL)

    Hope to see you soon~


    1. The Harried Hamptons Avatar

      I love you too! Yes I am waiting for the phone call that you’re coming!


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