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Unplanned pregnancy? Afraid?

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Yet still, every year on February 27, I wonder how much more beautiful she is, whether she has pimples, what she wants to be when she grows up, what she is good at, and all the things that stir a mothers heart!

The same block the little girl with skinny legs and un-brushed hair ran down was the same block the afraid and pregnant young lady would walk down to face the reality of her choices. I don’t remember what was talked about or even being told the test was positive. Clear as day, though, I remember standing with a family member as we discussed my options, and her telling me that my beautiful skin would be ruined for the rest of my life by stretch marks if I had this baby.

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3 responses to “Unplanned pregnancy? Afraid?”

  1. […] is Mary’s birthday, the daughter I placed for adoption 22 years ago. She was born at 2:01 A.M., weighing 7 lbs, 5 oz and 21 inches long. When I decided to […]


  2. […] Eventually, I would take steps to build a relationship with my biological father despite having been adopted myself by my step-father I call “Dad”.  My father and I see each other regularly and he enjoys brief times with his energetic, loud grandchildren and has grown fond of our new relationship. I have also spent the last two Christmas’s with my biological brother, from my father’s previous marriage. However, I will never forget lying under the Plymouth Valiant with my Dad, rides on the motorcycle, and best of all, his rendition of Randy Newman’s Short People while gracefully strumming his guitar. I look forward to hearing Mary’s story but until we meet again, I will share the beauty that comes from the ashes of an unplanned pregnancy! […]


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