How do we really want our boys to be?

Image (121)Excerpt from Real Boys, chapter entitled The Power of Mothers:

“The problem for boys is not that mothers are confused by them. Mothers, today and throughout history, are simply part of a culture. And it is our entire culture that is confused about masculinity and therefore about how to raise boys…so if mothers are to be helped…it is also a society as a whole that must clarify the best way to support our boys as they grow toward manhood.”

“If we really think carefully about it, many of the qualities today’s mothers are trying to develop in their boys – far from being “feminine” qualities or qualities that women will tend to reject in men they choose to love – are actually the very qualities most of today’s women seem to be urging their male partners to develop.”

It is amazing the irony of it all!


One thought on “How do we really want our boys to be?

  1. Marcia Johnson February 15, 2013 / 1:09 PM

    I love your blog page Michelle! Its so informative. Thank you for sharing such meaningful heartfelt thoughts!


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