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What About the Girls!

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It struck me that I hadn’t posted about girls! It also struck me that this blog is about my adoption story and she is a girl…well a woman now. She will be 22 years old on Feb 27, 2013, to be exact. I envision her beauty! I imagine how she sounds, how she laughs, what her favorite perfume is, and what her dreams are? All the things girls are made of! Well, some of the things we are made of. (Today, January 16, 2023, we have spent about 4 years now getting to know each other and she is beautiful, she sounds like me, and most often people will confuse her laugh for mine.)

Girls, among other things, want to be seen and heard. The author gives an example of how little girls dress up to be told by their mommies and daddy how beautiful they are.  While this may not be the way every girl expresses their need to be seen, it still paints a real picture that either you relate to and smile or pricks at your heart because perhaps you don’t feel seen.

The baby…and don’t we all know it!

I am grateful for the relationship I have with my dad today. Our girls don’t do dress up much anymore but I still find ways to remind them of how beautiful they are. I make it a priority to be alone with each of them, to hear their hearts, especially my 10-year-old as she moves into a new stage. As for the baby, she is 8 and she demands my time as last-borns do well! As Mary celebrates her 22nd birthday, it will be another day that I will celebrate the little girls I do have in my care! My desire to feel heard and seen has not gone away albeit different; besides I was never the girl in the example above, to dress up like a princess, surely there were other ways I sought attention from my step father. As I rediscover these areas, I look forward to working it out with my daughters as they discover what makes them feel heard and seen.

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  1. Marcia Johnson Avatar
    Marcia Johnson

    So very sweet Michelle. Thanks again for sharing your heart in this way.


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