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Commercial break

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Updated: 01/16/23: Thanks to the idea of a faithful friend, I decided to take a break from My Story (updated version coming soon) and share some insights gained from our schooling experiences. Aspects of this topic can be controversial without even trying to be. Despite that, I would not discourage anyone from sharing their views. I believe every child is different. Consequently, each child may need a different approach to schooling.

To add to my experience; I wrote my thesis on parental involvement in a child’s education in comparison to home schooling. I will share parts of that research throughout as well.

Xaviar and his brother
Isabelle and chick
MIchal counting
Abram at Science Center

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  1. […] told by Xaviar’s second grade teacher at the local public school that he should be tested for ADHD I knew in my gut something was off. I started reading lots of books related to boys and learning. Two that I stumbled upon were: The […]


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