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How I homeschooled in grades 4 and 5

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Lets face it, the affects the traditional teaching approach has on the student’s success is not the only variable to blame. Xaviar wasn’t the easiest student to educate…I can say that, I am his mother! We must consider the students motivation, attitude, and intelligence to name a few. In The Way They Learn, Mrs. Tobias explains in her book how each child is intelligent as it relates to the way a child learns. Clearly, teachers don’t have the resources, support or maybe even desire to discover every child’s learning style. But to add to this schools aren’t doing so well with boys.

Each year I home-schooled Xaviar, and I struggled with how to teach him. And as he approached the pre-teen years other variables became factors in learning. Then the teen years…thankfully we had the opportunity for him to attend a private, Christian high school, otherwise, I may not be here today to write this post! (All the parents out there with teens may know what I am talking about.) Here are highlights of the particular curriculum I found most helpful for a learner like Xaviar.

In summary, Xaviar made it to college. Currently, he is approaching his sophomore year at the local community college and plans to transfer to a university upon completion of his Associate of Arts degree. In bringing this up, may I suggest this route, especially for your teen who isn’t sure “what they want to be when they grow up?” There are other reasons I would recommend this but won’t indulge in this post. I leave you with a golden nugget a wise, godly, elderly woman told me during this time of my life: be firmly flexible!

2 responses to “How I homeschooled in grades 4 and 5”

  1. elle Avatar

    what an encouraging post! i’m a public school educator homeschooling my dyslexic son. this post resonated with me in so many ways.


    1. The Harried Hamptons Avatar

      Wow that is quite the task. Thank you to sharing. Please don’t hesitate to share your insights from either position.


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