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We live in a digital world? And a material one!

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If we asked 100 people what digital media literacy is, we would likely get a variety of answers. With anything you want to know available at our fingertips it is crazy how little research there is on how to be a digitally literate citizen.

The purpose of this post is to share the ways a literate citizen of digital media will approach unfamiliar digital media that room to be desired. We have all received that email that has mix matched alphabet case, or stumbled on the article online about your favorite actress and you wonder if its true.

There are qualities of a literate citizen of literacy in a digitized world. We will discuss each characteristic and at the end challenge each reader to think about ways they can disrupt the negative influences of digital media. These qualities are also those that align with the program competencies of learning and instruction.

We must continue as individuals, educators, parents, friends, aunts and uncles to grow as sound digital citizens navigating a tricky world. Our brains are wired and popping off lots of synapses and circuits right in our fingertips (Gregorie, 2015). Psychology shows that it affects our attention, focus and the way we think about the world (Psychology Today, 2012).

Navigating a Digital World – You Tube Video by Michelle Hampton

How do you fare navigating the digital world, without avoiding duplicity and false narrative?

By digital literacy we mean those capabilities which fit an individual for living, learning and working in a digital society.

Jisc Info Net (2011)


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