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Fish Tacos

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When I get in the mood for a taco, it is rough because there are not many options in Jamaica. The next best thing one does then is make them at home! So here it goes, my first video blog (sort of). However, not my first taco, I have been making tacos for many folks for many years.

Let the fun begin:

Pickled Cabbage for Fish Tacos

It’s all about the pickled cabbage, the taco will not be the same with raw unpickled cabbage, I promise!

All About the Veg!

When it comes to Jamaicans and what is affectionately called veg, they do not skimp and it comes like rice, in every meal. Unless of course you make a substitutions. In some places like tip Top Restaurant on 7 Mile Beach, they do it just right, right portions, and right substitutions, like their fresh mashed potatoes.

Oops, when it comes to food, I get “off task” very easily. And I can appreciate good food from one foodie to another.

But back to the fish tacos! The veg is critical because in this case it is adding the crunch and zing to wake up the fish, it brings out the flavors.

Red Snapper is Jamaica’s Fish

Snapper is like Grouper is to Floridians, the type of fish you hope is the catch of the day, in whatever seafood restaurant you find yourself in. On the west side of the state, Tampabay area (St. Pete, Tampa, Clearwater) you have grouper and on the east side you have sea bass! Grouper still of course, and jumbo Mayport shrimp. yum!

So here in Jamaica it is snapper, although expensive, it is worth every dollar. Additionally, in case you did not know they do they whole fish including the head here. Strange….but hey…respect mi general! (salute).

We can chop the toppings to add to the delish, while the snapper is cooking. The toppings are simply like the icing on the cake, you cannot live without them!

And woolah, we have the final product, and words nor this picture or video can quite explain how delish they were. BUT, it must be made clear, they are way more delicious with fresh shells, in whatever fashion. One day, you will find my taco spot somewhere in Jamaica, because I am sorry, I have yet to eat some good tacos on the island including the places in Kingston.

Toppings on the Freaky Fish Tacos

The final product was not only as tasty as it looks but will be even better next time.

“The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.”

— Oscar Wilde

Here are a few suggested changes:

  1. Use fresh corn shells if possible.
  2. Make fresh salsa, that will be included in my next blog post.
  3. Change the fish to pork, if you are a pork eater, the combination is to die for!

Cheers until next time!


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