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My Book in a Blog is the real and raw of my life experiences. From adoption to moving to Jamaica, this blog is jam-packed with various topics, like an unimaginable dichotomy.

The “D” word. The word I vowed many times not to resort to and yet I made the call to divorce the father of three of my children after 17 years of working hard at the thing we call “marriage.”

In this section of my blog, I will share the messy, hard truths, that I understand a little now, and those that I am still grappling with. I will also include some of the gory details of days in the marriage to provide some context. I, however, will not dwell, fault find, or point fingers because clearly, we each have logs stuck in our eyeballs that prevent us from seeing clearly. And besides, we hardly understand our own hearts, much less say, another person’s heart!

It has been almost four years now, and I find myself without regret except that maybe I did not get a divorce sooner. But I say that lightly because I prefer to have zero regrets, they do not do me much good.

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Off top here are a few things are apparent to me now:

  1. I realize there is no way to know for sure that I made the best decision and while my christian followers may beg to differ, that is ok, and fair, but one thing is sure, I was not free. I will wrote more on this. I was stuck and being in the marriage was part of being stuck.
  2. I hurt my children. I cannot undo what I chose and as I said, I do not regret the decision to get a divorce. I just wish I could take their pain away. I wish I could erase the hurtful words I have said to them about their father. Of course they were my truth, but they did not need to hear them.
  3. There is healing and happiness in the aftermath of it all. If someone told me what I would go through in the last four years, I am not sure how that would have impacted my decision. We see much clearer when looking back. Like they say, hindsight is a bitch! And that she is! But I have had some great times, I have met some amazing people, and created new spaces and experiences that I am still building on today. For that, I am clear I made the best decision at the time with what I knew at the time.

All this being said, join me, as I unravel my world four years deep into post-divorce life! Not to mention, I will be 50 in two years, so there will be much to share in the coming years. In the meantime, who would not also enjoy my writings about the beautiful island of Jamaica, where I reside most of the time. But, I would be remiss to not say, I miss sorely my second home in Jacksonville Beach. I will be back though, the world I am creating in Jamaica is a part of the world I will create in Jax Beach!

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