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I only recently realized that I am quite the philanthropist.

Philanthropy: the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

Two problems with this realization, I have not expressed the desire to promote the welfare of others, by way of a “generous donation of money” because I have no money. The second problem is that, I raised 4 humans and I am just now “realizing that I am quite the philanthropist?” If you know me, I hope that you will hear my tone in your mind as you read this very rhetorical question. I believe that raising humans is philanthropic experience in and of itself.

I have always known that I appreciate culture, behaviors of people, and more the sociology-type stuff but after I considered a master’s degree in social work and was told that I would mostly be hard-pressed to find any job other than one working for the government in the social services department I, needless to say, stopped pursuing that profession until later on in life. When I picked it back up again by way of a graduate program in clinical mental health counseling I failed the internship because the instructor said I talk too much!

If only I could place an emoji behind that “too much”, I would choose the middle finger emoji!

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